Care Fair Tempe

Sometimes we are those who need some extra help, sometimes we are helping others and often we do both.


Booth Participants

Booth Deposit 2020

Thank you for your interest in being a booth participant or food vendor for the Care Fair Tempe 2020 as part of Tempe Human Services Day!

A variety of nonprofits/service providers will be gathered in one place to provide information about their programs and services to those who may need it and give community members an opportunity to learn how and where to volunteer.

TCC is joining with the City of Tempe to launch the first Tempe Human Services Day which includes a Tempe Human Services Symposium held at the same location in the Tempe History Museum. Several speakers will be providing information on mental health and related topics such as substance abuse.

Your deposit of $45 will be refunded upon full participation of the event or if not selected due to space availability. This is a rain or shine event.

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